Mi Robot has 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function which supports 3 modes of efficient cleaning: 1. Sweeping & Mopping Mode which works with 2-in-1 tank 2. Sweeping Only which works with 550ml large dust box 3. Mopping Only which works with 2-In-1 tank. This vacuum-mop is only intended to clean floors in a home environment. Please don't use it in outdoor setting like balcony or on a surface that is not floor like a sofa or in commercial or industrial setting. Do not use the device above 40 degree celsius or below 0 degree celsius or on a floor with liquids or sticky substances. Pick up any cables from the floor before using the vacuum-mop. Do not place the vacuum-mop upside down (laser radar housing should never touch the ground). Intelligent Mapping and Route Planning: The new LDS Laser Navigation System works with an upgraded SLAM algorithm for real-time mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy (Accuracy Deviation ≤2%), and longer scanning range of up to8m

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